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Nov 23, 2012 8:00pm PST
of them. while avoiding the fiscal cliff will prevent the economy from sliding down into recession, it won't put 12 million people back to work. and jim has written in "national journal" that president obama has to contend with four other forces if he wants to get the economy on better footing. what are those forces? >> these are the forces that have been holding back the recovery in big tore little ways over the last few years. ever since the recession ended. the good news is that a couple of them are starting to abate. let's start with the one that's getting hert. the housing market absolutely was the main driver for why this recovery has been so slow. and it's really starting to turn up. home values are going up. we're seeing home builder sentiment go up. those are good things. the two sort of wild from abroad have been europe and china. europe is basically back in recession. china has come -- has lowered its growth from the last couple of years and so it's a soft landing it appears over there. and then the fourth thing has been volatile gas prices. high and volatile gas prices. and thi
Nov 24, 2012 5:00am PST
could concern them? >> well we certainly see this more anxiety as the clock counts down the fiscal cliff. i think the words coming out of washington are more positive than they've been in the past few years and more productive and despite that uncertainty we're finding that consumers are planning to spend 2% or 3% more this holiday season. i think if that gets settled sooner than later you'll see a big pick up in spending and consumer confidence. >> i heard some small businesses say look we'll put off hiring until we know washington has worked all of this out. >> i think that's an important point. small businesses are cautious. we also know small businesses account for almost half the employment in the united states today. they account for two-thirds of the job creation. we have a problem with jobs because small businesses are cautious. the more we can do to help support them and improve their confidence the better off we'll all be. >> why isn't shopping at a small business particularly a local one important? who benefits if that? >> clearly the small business
Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
't provide a will the of benefit to the economy. when tackling the fiscal cliff, we should ask ourselves, which are the most ineffective things. >> keep thinking, guys, that down the line here, the chorus over and over is going to be we all pay more and all get less. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >>> thousands of people paid a lot to do cramming into stores everywhere. you might even be watching this on a new tv, but retailers needed more than hype. they needed red hot cash registers on this black friday. we'll tell you how sales added up today because a lot of jobs are counting on it. in just a few weeks after mitt romney's defeat, the gop is already looking forward to 2016. say it ain't so and there's another bush on the horizon. plus, we're following news of a massive gas explosion in massachusetts. take a look. we'll have details just ahead. >> hi. >> you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> announcer: we all love a good deal during the holidays, especially identity thieves. they can open an account in your name and go on a seriou
Nov 24, 2012 2:00pm EST
are three revenue-raising provisions that a pledge signer can vote for in a fiscal cliff resolution? >> sure, the top marginal rate from 35 down to 25 you would have great supply-side effects. european average is 25. we are at 35. the canadians are at 17. they are not hemorrhaging cash. they are doing better. lower marginal tax -- tax rates count, lower capital gains tax count. obama taking the death tax up to 55% after a million dollars. you do not have to be rich to find your house increasing in value, and working for 50 years, having money saved up in a 401k and other places. supply-side tax reductions certainly count. selling assets -- you talk about the defense department sitting on a whole bunch of spectrum that it ought to make available and sell. a lot of assets you can sell. there is land you consult. a whole bunch of oil in the ground if obama gets out of the way of drilling on federal land rather than making it difficult. drilling for oil and natural gas on federal land has declined under obama. he says, look at all of this new drilling and natural gas. on private land where you c
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Nov 23, 2012 9:00pm EST
into the fiscal cliff negotiations so for two large drugstore chains to say you got to get going. gerri: interesting to see if he derail everything. liz: they have a seat at the table. is not political. it seems to me when you read what they say it is not like they are saying we want a voice in what is going on. there saying our customers are concerned. of course it is a revenue problem. shoppers and consumers are not coming in because they're worried about the fiscal cliff. gerri: all singing the with one voice. interesting to see if anybody hears that. thanks for coming on. appreciate it. guess what else has joined the fiscal liftoff? the federal gas tax, special interests in washington are pushing for an increase in the gas tax which has been stuck at the same rate for 20 years. right now the federal gas excise tax stands at 18.4 presented gallon. it raises $37 billion a year from american motorists but the federal government spent more than that, $52 billion a year on highways so there's a $15 billion shortfall which has to be borrow and added to the deficit every year. naturally is
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)